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Kiko Mizuhara
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Born in America on October 15, 1990, Audrie Kiko Daniel, better known by her professional name Kiko Mizuhara, is a model, actress, singer, and designer who has spent her whole childhood living in Japan. At the age of twelve, Kiko Mizuhara began her career as a model after she participated in an audition for Seventeen magazine, where people chose their favourite new face for the publication. She then earned a modelling contract with MAQUIA and ViVi magazines. After making her on-screen debut in Norwegian Wood in 2010, Mizuhara has been a regular feature of Japanese dramas and films as well as big-screen appearances ever since.
Early Life And Career
She is the older of the two daughters of Todd Mason Daniel, an American from Texas, and Song Pal-choong, a Zainichi Korean from Nagasaki, Japan. Her four-year-old sister Ashley Yuka Daniel, who also works as a model under the name Yuka Mizuhara, is her sister. Mizuhara and her family moved to Tokyo when she was two years old, and Kobe, Japan, when she was three. Her father returned to the US after the couple's divorced when she was thirteen years old. Mizuhara entered a competition in 2002 and was selected for an audition with the fashion magazine Seventeen. She was chosen as Miss Seventeen during the audition, and for the following three years, Seventeen only used her as an exclusive model. In order to further her modelling career, she moved to Tokyo by herself when she was sixteen years old, relocating from her mother and sister in Kobe. Kiko Mizuhara signed on as an exclusive model for the fashion publication ViVi in July 2007.

Mizuhara founded Kiko Co.,Ltd., often known as "Office Kiko," in 2016. She introduced her own designer line, "OK," the next year. "OK" has already secured a number of well-known partnerships in its first year in business, producing fashion, art, and lifestyle goods. In 2018, Office Kiko revealed a new collection of boots and shoes made in association with the Japanese shoe brand Esperanza, which targets young ladies.
Personal Life
In an interview with NBC News, Mizuhara revealed that her past relationships with women had an impact on how she portrayed Rei in Ride or Die.