Ajkune Ahmetaj

Ajkune Ahmetaj
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Ajkune Ahmetaj is a well-known hairdresser and philanthropist from Kosovo, Albania, who currently resides in Switzerland. She created her trademark line of cosmetics and hairstyling goods and is the first Albanian hairdresser to do so. Among the well-known customers are Elvana Gjata, Tayna, Kida, Rina, Dafina Zeqiri, and Genta Ismajli.
Early Life And Career
Ajkune Ahmetaj is a native of Ferizaj, Kosovo's Jezerc. Before the Kosovo War, she resided in Kosovo with her grandparents. After that, she relocated to Switzerland to live with her parents. Ajkune Ahmetaj enrolled in a three-year professional hairdressing degree in 2006 before beginning her career as a hairdresser. She started her first salon in Gränichen, Switzerland, after finishing the school. She started working with musicians and personalities from Kosovo Albania, including Tayna, Kida, Rina, Dhurata Ahmetaj, Dafina Zeqiri, Genta Ismajli, Elvana Gjata, and Loredana Zefi. Eventually, she rose to prominence as one of the most well-known hairdressers in the country. "A blond is not a blonde if Ajkune didn't style her hair," the Swiss tabloid Blick stated. She is the only hairdresser in Albania with the unique ability to create lipstick, shampoo, hair extensions, and trademark hair colouring. In 2020, she and makeup artist Onik launched their third salon.
Personal Life
Ajkune Ahmetaj has three children and is married.