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Hikaru Kaihatsu, better known by his stage name Hikakin, was born in Japan on April 21, 1989. He is a businessman and YouTuber who co-founded the Japanese multi-channel network UUUM. In 2010, a video of him beatboxing Super Mario Bros. became popular and by mid-September, it had received over 3.8 million views. In 2012, he and fellow Japanese YouTuber Megwin left their day jobs to devote all of their attention to their channels. Additionally, he worked with Gille, making an appearance in her "Try Again" music video promos, wherein it is mentioned that he is among the most well-known Japanese YouTubers.
Early Life And Career
He was born as the second son on April 21, 1989, in Myoko Kogen-machi, Nakakubi-gun, Niigata Prefecture. When he was younger, his elder brother Seikin—who is also a YouTuber—was the strange kid in the corner of the classroom. His desire as an elementary school student was "to compete in the Olympics in ski jumping," and he pursued this goal all the way through high school despite growing up in the cold Joetsu region. He became interested in human beat boxing when he was in elementary school and took part in the "Hamonepu League," a segment of the variety show "Riki no Dinchi Gogo Gogo!" at the time that aired on the Fuji Television network.

He started doing live concerts and other things in Joetsu after graduating from Myoko Kogen Minami Elementary School, Myoko Kogen Junior High School, and Niigata Prefectural Arai High School. Then, in December 2006, he created the official "HIKAKIN" YouTube account. He claims that at first, he just intended to watch films of beat boxers from other countries. However, he soon began uploading videos of his own because he believed that if he posted them, others would see them.

He began uploading movies as soon as he launched the website, but not many of them are still up since he subsequently removed them all. A beatbox video he recorded in his bathroom in 2007 is the earliest footage ever found. This beatbox video was remade in 2015 and uploaded under the name "2015 ver." It was shot in the same setting and with the same attire as it did the first time around.