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American fashion designer and beauty blogger Jennifer Dohee Im. Her most popular channel on YouTube is Clothes Encounters, which she started in 2010 and had about 2.4 million followers as of 2019. Im debuted a clothing brand called Eggie in August 2017; the range sold out online in a matter of minutes. Im one of the "top influencers" in fashion according to Forbes in 2017.
Career And Personal Life
When Im and Sarah Chu were living in Los Angeles in 2010, they launched the ClothesEncounters YouTube channel. They gained popularity fast because to their films, which highlighted inexpensive fashion. After Im relocated to attend the University of California, Davis, Chu departed ClothesEncounters at the close of 2011. I kept making videos on the channel, and by August 2019, it had received over 319 million views. On YouTube, she presently has more than 3.07 million subscribers. I have worked with several fashion and beauty companies, such as Clinique, Macy's, Levi's, and Calvin Klein. She collaborated with the cosmetics company ColourPop to develop the "Jenn Ne Sais Quoi" makeup line in 2016.

As the youngest person in her family, Im's apparel brand, Eggie, was introduced in August 2017. The word "baby" in Korean refers to Im's age. The apparel collection included gender-neutral pieces as well as references to Im's Korean ancestry. Within minutes after its online launch, the queue was sold out. Each year, the line publishes many collections. After three years and eighteen collections, Im said on social media on July 23, 2021, that Eggie will be closing as she started to concentrate on her next chapter in life as a new mother.

South Korea is the birthplace of Im's parents. Her father works in the apparel industry, while her mother is a bank teller. I grew up in Los Angeles, California, where I was born. James is the name of her elder brother. Prior to transferring to the University of California, Davis, she attended a community college. In 2013, she earned a bachelor's degree in communications studies from the university. Ben Jolliffe, the former drummer for the British alternative rock group Young Guns, and I got married on March 26, 2017. On August 18, 2018, a wedding ceremony took place in Malibu. The couple has a son and resides in Los Angeles.