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Kayla Itsines
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Greek-born Australian personal trainer, writer, and businesswoman Kayla Itsines was born on May 21, 1991. She is the author of the meal-planning and exercise app Sweat with Kayla, as well as the Bikini Body Guides series of fitness textbooks. More money was made with Sweat with Kayla in 2016 than with any other exercise app.

Time identified Itsines as one of the 30 most important individuals on the Internet in March 2016, highlighting her ability to successfully use social media to advance her business. Itsines has 12.5 million Instagram followers and 8 million Facebook followers as of October 2016.
Early life And Career
Itsines links her love of physical health to her participation in basketball and other sports. She remembers being terrified and overwhelmed by the gym at first, but then she was told to "just start somewhere" by a personal trainer. She gave up on her original aspirations to become a beauty therapist after discovering that she loved the way the exercises made her feel and graduated as a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness at the age of 18.

Itsines secured employment at an Adelaide women's gym. Itsines eventually came to the conclusion that the majority of women worry about being too bulky and want three particular results from their training: smaller inner thighs, flatter abdomens, and more toned arms. She also began coaching her sister's classmates, concentrating on developing strong legs and a strong core, so they could play netball on their high school team. She gave them a nutrition lesson and requested that they take pictures of themselves before and after so that she could monitor their development. Instagram was recommended by Itsines' 12-year-old cousin as a means of arranging the images. Itsines amassed hundreds of followers in a matter of months, and she was frequently contacted for guidance and assistance.

Itsines attributes her social media success to focusing less on herself and her path and more on her followers and their fitness adventures. She seldom shares pictures of her face on social media since part of her approach is to draw attention to the changes in her physique. She declines picture shoots that she feels go against her image since she is conscious of how she is portrayed visually in other media. She states that she would never advocate for something she does not personally support, pose provocatively or sexualize herself, or provide advise that is just applicable to her own way of life. Her social media profiles are exclusively updated by her.
Personal life
Itsines is the daughter of educators Jim and Anna Itsines. Leah, her younger sister, works as a food stylist and personal trainer. Itsines identifies as Greek and has Greek ancestry in her family. She attributes her Greek background to a lot of her dietary decisions. In 2012, Itsines went to a gym to meet Tobi Pearce, her ex-fiance. Their daughter was born in April 2019 and they got engaged in April 2018. In August 2020, Kayla and Tobi made their separation public. Itsines confirmed her engagement to Jae Woodroffe, her current companion, in July 2022. The two had been together since 2021. She soon announced that she was expecting her second child. In January 2023, she gave birth to their son.