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Lilly Singh
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Canadian YouTuber, TV personality, comedian, and writer Lilly Singh was born on September 26, 1988. Singh started uploading videos on YouTube in 2010. Before 2019, she went under the YouTube handle Superwoman when she first emerged. She was listed as the third-highest paid YouTuber in the world by Forbes in 2016, with an estimated income of $7.5 million. She earned an estimated $10.5 million in 2017 and was listed as the tenth highest-paid YouTube personality in the world by Forbes; as of February 2022, she has over three billion video views and 14.7 million members. She was listed by Forbes as one of the 40 most influential comedians in 2019. She is the recipient of two Teen Choice Awards, an MTV Fandom Award, four Streamy Awards, and a People's Choice Award.
Early Life And Career

Lilly Singh was reared as a Sikh by her parents, Malvindar Kaur and Sukvindar Singh, who are Indian immigrants from Punjab, India's Hoshiarpur. Under the moniker "The Tina Singh," her older sister Tina is also a YouTuber. She posts videos about her family life with her husband and their three boys. Singh mentioned that she used to be a tomboy. After graduating from Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute in Malvern, Toronto, in 2006, she went back to see her former instructors. She had attended Mary Shadd Public School throughout her primary school years. She participated in the Girl Guides of Canada's youth programme as a member. Her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University in Toronto was awarded to her in 2010.

Singh created a YouTube channel in October 2010 under a fictitious name. She has stated that the notion of Superwoman sprang from a belief she had as a youngster that she could accomplish anything. Singh had intended to attend graduate school as her parents had asked, but she opted to focus on creating YouTube videos instead, with the backup plan to return to graduate school in the event that her YouTube career did not take off.

Lilly Singh started a second channel in December 2011 called "SuperwomanVlogs," which she has now renamed to "Lilly Singh Vlogs," where she records her everyday activities and shares behind-the-scenes photos from her videos. Up until August 2014, when she started uploading vlogs, she utilised it as a backup channel for her video uploads.
Personal Life

During her travels to India, Singh, an Indo-Canadian, became close to her Punjabi roots. Despite being raised Sikh, she claimed in an Instagram post that she does not practise any religion but that she has a deep belief in God. As a coping mechanism for her arachnophobia and sadness, she started creating YouTube videos. She grew up in Markham, Ontario, and lived with her parents. Singh announced on social media that he was bisexual in February 2019. She was identified as having ovarian cysts in 2022.