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Loredana Zefi
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Rapper Loredana Zefi, born 1 September 1995, better known by her maiden name Loredana, is a Kosovo Albanian native born in Switzerland. In Albania and German-speaking Europe, her debut song "Sonnenbrille" was a commercial hit and was certified two gold in Austria and Germany.
Early Life And Career
Her family practices Catholicism. When she was eighteen, she developed a passion for music and began writing songs with German producer Macloud for other singers. Due to her friendship with Kosovo-Albanian rapper Mozzik and her brief social media videos that featured dancing and lip-syncing, Loredana became well-known in 2018 as an influencer. June 2018 saw the release of her debut song, "Sonnenbrille". It was declared gold in Austria and Germany, and it enjoyed economic success in German-speaking Europe and Albania. In cooperation with Mozzik, "Bonnie & Clyde" was released as her second single in September 2018. The hip-hop and R&B song in Albanian and German was just as popular commercially as its predecessor, "Sonnenbrille."

In September 2018, Loredana acquired a record deal with Sony Music's German division and jointly released the hit song "Bonnie & Clyde" with her husband, Mozzik. September 2019 saw the release of King Lori, her first studio album, which peaked at number three in both Switzerland and the aforementioned nations. It included the rapper's first number-one song in Germany, "Kein Plan," along with a number of other popular tracks, such as "Eiskalt," "Genick," and "Jetzt rufst du an."

In association with German rapper Juju, the number one song "Kein Wort" was released in January 2020. She started the King Lori Tour in March 2020, but it was subsequently postponed because of the coronavirus disease 2019–20 (COVID–19) pandemic in China and its subsequent expansion to other nations. Her next two hit songs, "Angst" (with English producer Rymez) and "Du bist mein" (containing German rapper Zuna) were released in the same month.
Personal Life
Rapper Mozzik, who is from Kosovo and Albania, and Loredana Zefi were married in 2018. On December 18, 2018, she gave birth to Hana, the couple's first daughter, in Lucerne, Switzerland. October 2019 saw the couple's separation. In March 2021, they got back together to collaborate on a new musical endeavour.