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Mark Bouris
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Mark Bouris was born in Punchbowl, New South Wales, to an Irish mother who practised Roman Catholicism and a Greek father who practised Greek Orthodoxy. he stayed at Punchbowl till he was 18 years old. The University of New South Wales was where Bouris studied.

As the founder and chairman of Wizard Home Loans, Australia's second-largest non-bank mortgage lender after Aussie Home Loans, Mark Leigh Bouris AM is a well-known Australian businessman. He started Yellow Brick Road in 2007 and is currently its chairman. From 2011 until 2015, Bouris presided over The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. He has also published a number of books, had appearances on several podcasts, and hosted The Apprentice Australia and The Mentor. On social media, he oversees YouTube and Instagram.
Business Life & Award
In 1996, Bouris launched Wizard Home Loans, which he later sold to GE Money for $500 million. GE then sold Wizard to a rival, Aussie Home Loans, in December 2008, in the midst of the Global Financial Crisis for a small portion of the $500 million.

Bouris took over as TZ Limited's chairman on June 18, 2009. I firmly trust in TZ, its technology, its people, and now its working rhythms, wrote Bouris. I am enthusiastic about the future and feel blessed to be a part of this company's exceptionally bright future. He presently serves as chairman of Yellow Brick Road, a company that offers asset management, house loans, financial planning, and guidance. He serves on the board and is a fan of the Australian National Rugby League team Sydney Roosters.

An Australian biotechnology business that offers cutting-edge medical diagnostic technologies, Anteo Diagnostics, named Bouris as non-executive chairman in August 2011. Additionally, he serves as the Non-Executive Chairman of Serena Resources Limited, an Australian public resource company that is primarily concerned with exploring copper prospects in Chile.

Bouris initially appeared on the BRW Rich 200 list in 2005, and he again made the cut in 2007. Mark Bouris received honorary doctorates in business and letters from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the former Western Sydney University (WSU), respectively, in 2012.  In recognition of his noteworthy contributions to the financial sector, particularly the home loan mortgage sector, to education, and to charity organisations, Bouris was named a Member of the Order of Australia at the 2015 Australia Day Honours.
Person In The Media
Due to his presence in Wizard Home Loan advertising in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Bouris is well-known to Australians. Due to his Greek ancestry, he is extremely highly recognised in the Greek community. Due to his prominent media presence, Bouris was chosen on June 8, 2009, to host the Australian edition of The Apprentice, which will show on the Nine Network. The series debuted in 2009 but only ran for one season. When the Australian version of The Celebrity Apprentice debuted in October 2011, Bouris continued to serve as the host. The Celebrity Apprentice was a great hit and frequently ranked among the top 5 TV shows of the time.

The second season, which premiered in April 2012 and starred David Hasselhoff, was renewed for a second season in November 2011 by the Nine Network.

Bouris broadcasts The Mentor, a weekly podcast created and shared through the PodcastOne network, in addition to making frequent appearances in the media. It was revealed in 2017 that Mark Bouris would transform the podcast into a reality television programme.