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Mark Cuban
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American entrepreneur, investor, producer of motion pictures, television personality, and billionaire Mark Cuban was born on July 31, 1958. He is most known for being the co-owner of 2929 Entertainment, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and one of the primary "sharks" on the ABC reality series Shark Tank.

Cuban, who was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began his business career at a young age by running newspapers during a strike or selling waste bags. Following his graduation from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business, he began a varied business career that included launching MicroSolutions and, both of which he sold for sizable profits. The range of Cuban's ventures includes everything from media and technology to sports and entertainment. He is well-known in the NBA for his role with the Mavericks and his numerous disagreements with the league's leadership. In addition to his commercial ventures, Cuban has become well-known for his philanthropy, political commentary, and participation in reality television.
Early Life & Education
In Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh, Cuban was born. Norton Cuban, his father, worked as an auto upholsterer. Shirley, according to Cuban, has "a different job or different career goal every other week." Cuban was raised in a Jewish working-class household in the Pittsburgh neighbourhood of Mount Lebanon. His paternal grandpa changed the family name from "Chabenisky" to "Cuban" after his family immigrated from Russia via Ellis Island. According to Mark's brother Brian, his maternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Romania, despite Mark's assertion that their maternal grandmother was from Lithuania.

Cuban started his first company at the age of 12. He sold trash bags to buy a pricey pair of sneakers. A few years later, he started selling coins and stamps to make money. At the age of 16, Cuban ran newspapers from Cleveland to Pittsburgh during a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strike. He enrolled as a full-time student at the University of Pittsburgh, where he joined the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity, in place of attending high school for his final year. After a year at the University of Pittsburgh, Cuban proceeded to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in management from the Kelley School of Business in 1981. Without ever visiting the campus, he decided on Indiana's Kelley School of Business since it "had the least expensive tuition of all the business schools on the top 10 list". During college, he ran a pub, dance classes and a chain letter, among other businesses.

Following graduation, Cuban obtained a position at Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh and relocated back to Pittsburgh, where he engaged himself in the study of technology and networking.
Business Startup And Career
On July 7, 1982, Cuban relocated to Dallas, Texas, where he initially worked as a barman at the Elan bar on Greenville Avenue and then as a salesperson for Your Business Software, one of the city's first PC software stores. After meeting with a customer to secure new business rather than opening the store, he was dismissed less than a year later.

With assistance from his prior clients from Your Business Software, Cuban co-founded MicroSolutions. Initially, MicroSolutions was a software distributor and system integrator. Early adopters of technology like Carbon Copy, Lotus Notes, and CompuServe included the firm.[30] Perot Systems was one of the business's biggest customers. When the business reached a revenue of more than $30 million, Cuban decided to sell MicroSolutions to CompuServe, then a division of H&R Block, for $6 million. After taxes, he received almost $2 million from the transaction.
Shark Tank
Since season two of the ABC reality series Shark Tank in 2011, Cuban has participated as a "shark" investor. He had put $19.9 million into 85 projects as of May 2015, spread across 111 Shark Tank episodes. The real figures fluctuate since the investment occurs after the handshake agreement on live television and after the necessary research has been done to confirm the veracity of the data given in the pitch room. For instance, Hy-Conn, a producer of fire hose adapters, decided not to proceed with the acquisition despite reaching an agreement with Cuban to exchange $1.25 million for 100% of the business.

Ten Thirty One Productions, Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race, and BeatBox Beverages are Cuban's top three investments, all of which have at least $1 million invested.

Shark Tank's viewership have improved since Cuban joined the programme in 2011, and from 2014 to 2017, under his leadership, the programme received four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Structured Reality Programme. It earned the award for outstanding reality programme for two years in a row (2012–2013) before the category was created; all of these accolades came after he joined. Cuban is the wealthiest Shark to have ever appeared on the show as of 2023.