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Rupert Murdoch
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Keith Rupert Murdoch AC KCSG, an American media mogul, investor, and business tycoon who was born in Australia on March 11, 1931. He is the owner of hundreds of regional, local, and international publishing companies through his company News Corp, including HarperCollins, Sky News Australia, Fox News, and The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and The Australian in Australia, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and The Australian in the US. Additionally, he was the owner of the defunct News of the World, Sky, and 21st Century Fox (up until 2019). According to Forbes magazine, Murdoch is the 71st richest person in the world and the 31st richest in the United States with a net worth of US$21.7 billion as of 2 March 2022.
Early Life & Education
He went to Geelong Grammar School, where he served as editor of the student publication If Revived and co-editor of the institution's official magazine, The Corian. The cricket team from his school he led to the National Junior Finals.[More information required] His father prepared him to take over the family company while he was a part-time employee at the Melbourne Herald. Murdoch earned the moniker "Red Rupert" while studying philosophy, politics, and economics at Worcester College in Oxford, England, where he also kept a bust of Lenin in his dorm. He ran Oxford Student Publications Limited, Cherwell's publishing firm, served as secretary of the Labour Club, and he was a member of the Oxford University Labour Party.

Murdoch took over the management of The News, his father's modest Adelaide newspaper, after his father passed away in 1952. Murdoch bought a number of publications in Australia and New Zealand in the 1950s and 1960s before moving into the United Kingdom in 1969 and acquiring The Sun and News of the World. Murdoch relocated to New York City in 1974 in order to enter the US market, although he kept his holdings in Australia and the UK. Murdoch purchased The Times, his first British newspaper, in 1981. To fulfil the legal criteria for US television network ownership, he gave up his Australian citizenship in 1985 and naturalised as a US citizen.