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Sahil Khan
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Sahil Khan is an Indian actor, YouTuber, and fitness entrepreneur. He is renowned for raising awareness of fitness and has received recognition from several Mumbai organisations. He has more than 2.8 million subscribers on his YouTube account. Additionally, he is connected to the water company Hunk Water.
And Early Career.
A song video featuring Stereo Nation's Nachange Sari Raat marked the beginning of Khan's career. He was cast in the lead role in N. Chandra's film Style. The movie went on to become a box office hit. Shortly later, the comedy-drama Style: Xcuse Me was released. He starred in Ramaa: The Saviour and Aladin as well.

According to reports, Khan and Ayesha Shroff had an affair in 2009 while they were co-investors in a production firm. Subsequently in 2014, the two's supposed romance and business cooperation took a bad turn when she brought legal action against him. In exchange, the actor's attorney provided the court with several private images of Khan and Shroff in uncomfortable poses, suggesting a deeper level of intimacy than simply business. Khan got into a brawl in the gym in 2014 with Ismail Khan, the purported boyfriend of Bollywood actress Sana Khan. It is said that Ismail abruptly assaulted Sahil at a Mumbai gym due to a delay in a business deal, which sparked their animosity. Additionally, it appears that Sahil began spreading tales about Sana Khan and Ismail's romance, though Sahil disputes this.
Personal Life
Sept. 21, 2003, saw Khan wed Negar Khan. Jupitus was granted in July 2005.