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Personal life
The most well-known accomplishment of American entrepreneur Sergey Mikhailovich Brin (born August 21, 1973) is co-founding Google with Larry Page. Up until December 3, 2019, Brin served as the head of Alphabet Inc., the organisation that owns Google. As co-founders, controlling stockholders, and board members, he and Page are still employed by Alphabet. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of September 2023, Brin has an estimated net worth of $107 billion, making him the eighth richest person in the world.

At the age of six, Brin left the Soviet Union for the United States. He pursued computer science and mathematics at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he received his bachelor's degree, following in the footsteps of his father and grandparents. He enrolled at Stanford University to pursue a PhD in computer science after graduating. He met Page there, and together they created an online search engine. They interrupted their PhD studies as the programme gained traction at Stanford in order to launch Google in Susan Wojcicki's Menlo Park garage.

Brin wed biotech analyst and businesswoman Anne Wojcicki in the Bahamas in May 2007. Late in 2008, they had a son, and late in 2011, a daughter. After having an extramarital affair with Google Glass's marketing director Amanda Rosenberg, it was revealed in August 2013 that Brin and his wife were no longer together. Brin and Wojcicki finalised their divorce in June 2015.

He married Nicole Shanahan, the founder of a legal tech company, on November 7, 2018. Late in 2018, a daughter was born to them. On December 15, 2021, Brin and Shanahan announced their separation, and on January 4, 2022, Brin filed for divorce.

Eugenia, Brin's mother, has been identified as having Parkinson's disease. He made the choice to donate to the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 2008 since it was there that his mother received treatment. Brin has given more than $1 billion to support the disease's research, according to Forbes.Despite their divorce, Brin and Wojcicki continue to co-direct The Brin Wojcicki Foundation. In addition to making significant contributions to The Michael J. Fox Foundation, they presented $1 million to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in 2009.Brin has contributed to Democratic Party organisations and politicians, including the DNC and Barack Obama's reelection campaign, for which he has given $5,000 and $30,800 respectively.According to CNBC, after constructing a gaming PC with his son to mine Ethereum, Brin developed an interest in blockchain technology.
Life And Education
Mikhail and Eugenia Brin, both graduates of Moscow State University (MSU), were Brin's parents. Brin was born on August 21, 1973, in Moscow, Soviet Union. His mother works as a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre, while his father is a retired professor of mathematics from the University of Maryland.The Brin family shared a three-room flat with Sergey's maternal grandmother in the heart of Moscow. In 1977, Mikhail Brin declared that the family should immigrate when his father got back from a mathematics conference in Warsaw, Poland. When they formally requested their leave visa in September 1978, his father was "promptly fired" as a result. His mother was forced to quit her career for similar reasons. They were compelled to take up temporary employment for the ensuing eight months since they had no reliable source of income and were terrified their request would be rejected, as it had been for countless refuseniks. They received their formal exit permits in May 1979 and were then permitted to leave the country.

The Brin family resided in Vienna and Paris while Mikhail Brin worked with Anatole Katok to gain a job as a professor at the University of Maryland. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society offered help and support to the Brin family during this period. They touched down in America on October 25, 1979.Brin attended the Paint Branch Montessori School in Adelphi, Maryland for his elementary education, but he continued his education at home with the support of his family and the encouragement of his father, a professor in the University of Maryland's mathematics department. His family also helped him keep up his command of the Russian language. He attended Maryland's Eleanor Roosevelt High School. In September 1990, Brin enrolled in the University of Maryland, where he graduated in 1993 with honours in computer science and mathematics from the Department of Computer Science at the age of 19. He worked as an intern at Wolfram Research, which created Mathematica, in 1993.

On a graduate grant from the National Science Foundation, Brin started his graduate computer science studies at Stanford University. He graduated with an M.S. in computer science in 1995. He was on leave from his Stanford PhD studies as of 2008.
Development Search Engine
He first met Larry Page during Stanford's new student orientation. On most topics, the two men appeared to differ, but after spending time together, they "became intellectual soul-mates and close friends." While Page extended "the concept of inferring the importance of a research paper from its citations in other papers," Brin concentrated on creating data mining techniques. The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine is the title of the study they co-authored.
Brin and Page created the PageRank algorithm to translate the backlink data acquired by BackRub's web crawler into a measure of relevance for a specific web page and realised it could be used to create a search engine that was significantly superior to those that were already in existence. The new algorithm was based on a cutting-edge technology that assessed the value of the backlinks connecting one Web page to another and enabled the quantity and quality of connections to affect the website's ranking. Incorporating their ideas, they started using Page's dorm room as a machine laboratory and utilised leftover components from cheap PCs to build a device that connected the fledgling search engine with Stanford's broadband campus network.