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Zizan Razak
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Born on April 15, 1984, Mohd Razizan bin Abdul Razak is a Malaysian comedian, actor, TV personality, singer, director, and producer. In addition, he has participated in a number of reality TV programmes.
Early Life And Career
In the inaugural season of Raja Lawak (King of Comedy), a competition for comedians, he finished in second place. He was referred to as "Zizan Raja Lawak" in it. In addition, he took part in Maharaja Lawak (Emperor of Comedy), a second round of contests reserved for Raja Lawak season winners. He was teamed (as a team) with Johan Raja Lawak on the programme. "Jozan" was the name given to them. In the series, they came in first. Furthermore, Zizan won two times in the reality show Super Spontan Superstar.

In September 2011, Zizan was called to apologise for what he said in the comedy Hantu Bonceng. It allegedly insults Islam. Dewan Pemuda PAS Malaysia denounced what they considered to be an obvious affront to Allah. "Ashaduanna Muhammadar...syaitan," which translates to "I bear witness that Muhammad is... the devil," was Zizan's statement that they mentioned. Zizan was also urged to repent to Allah by Ustaz Azhar Idrus, a prominent Islamic figure in Terengganu.
Personal Life
Malaysia's Dungun, Terengganu, is Zizan's birthplace. Of his two siblings, he is the youngest.