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Calum Von Moger
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On Saturday, June 9, 1990, in Victoria, Australia, Calum Von Moger, a stunning bodybuilder, was born to his parents. His family has a good reputation. According to Calum's official website, he is related to the farmer. 2023 will see Calum become 33 years old.
Early Life And Career
Famous Australian bodybuilder, actor, social media influencer, fitness instructor, and businessman Calum Von Moger comes from Victoria. He is renowned for having an amazing figure and physique around the nation. Calum is reportedly exploring a career in bodybuilding at a young age. He has participated in and won several bodybuilding championships as a professional bodybuilder. He slices his birthday cake every June 9. Since he was young, he has been really interested in bodybuilding. Moger finished his foundational education in a nearby private Australian school. Allow me to explain. In 2004, Calum and his brother started doing weights. At the time, Calum was just 14 years old. In addition, he frequented several fitness centres and gyms. He is currently a well-known fitness instructor and bodybuilder.

He relocated to Los Angeles in October 2014, when he began working at GNC (store). He started dating Karina Elle, a model and fitness influencer. After signing with Muscular Development Magazine in 2014, admirers began comparing Von Moger's physique to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which led to him being dubbed Arnold 2.0. From 2014 to 2016, Cellucor, a supplement business, sponsored him and used him as their face as they attended events and expos. Von Moger then proceeded to establish an exclusive management agreement with Generation Iron's Edwin Mejia Jr. Von Moger was a part of "Generation Iron 2," which was available on Netflix. The biographical film Calum Von Moger: Unbroken, which was produced and released by Generation Iron, featured him in the lead role.

Later, Generation Iron signed Von Moger as a model for the 2019 Gucci Pre-Fall campaign and cast Calum in the breakthrough role of a teenage Arnold Schwarzenegger in the motion picture Bigger. Von Moger is an animal enthusiast who has owned a number of pets, such as a dog named Rex, a lizard named Baz, and a goldfish named Coleslaw. In the course of six months, Von Moger sustained many potentially fatal injuries. He suffered a biceps tear in November 2017 while barbell curling 140 kg with Classic Physique Bodybuilder Chris Bumstead at Gold's Gym in Venice. After Von Moger sustained a rip to his quad after a rock climbing incident in April 2018, surgery was necessary to remove blood clots.