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Celeste Barber
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Celeste Barber was raised at Terranora, on the far north coast of New South Wales, and was born sometime around 1982. Olivia is her sister, and she has one sibling. At the age of sixteen, she was attending Saint Joseph's College in Tweed Heads when she received an ADD diagnosis. She trained in acting at the University of Western Sydney's Theatre Nepean theatre school, graduating in 2002, after leaving home and school at the age of 17.
Early Life And Career
Barber rose to fame in the television series All Saints as paramedic Bree Matthews. She also starred in the short films How Not to Behave and Office Correctness. Barber performed and wrote sketches for The Matty Johns Show. The 2023 Netflix comedy Wellmania, based on writer Brigid Delaney's memoir Wellmania: Misadventures in the Search for Wellness, stars her in the title character. She does all of her own stunts in the series.

Barber began her career in acting but eventually turned to comedy. According to Barber, "I've always been told I'm funny, but I always thought that was a dumb thing." If you were a little foolish, that was humorous, in my opinion. However, I've now discovered that this is untrue and that I adore being humorous. "This is your niche," said my late friend Mark Priestley, who collaborated with me on All Saints, and he assisted me in concentrating on it. She sold out gigs for the Adelaide Fringe and Sydney Comedy festivals in 2015, and she was a finalist in the Raw Comedy state competition of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The first celebrity photo-recreation posts appeared on Barber's Instagram in early January 2015. This was after Celeste and her sister had been texting one other mockingly about how ladies should go about their daily lives and making fun of the portrayal. She used the hashtag "#celestechallengeaccepted" when she uploaded her pictures on Instagram. Barber only shared a handful of them, but one went viral—it was an imitation of a picture of Kim Kardashian resting on a mound of mud, wearing skimpy knickers. Her posts exposed the ridiculousness and falsity of famous social media profiles.
Personal LIfe
Barber is married as of 2019 and has two sons and two stepdaughters.