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Stephanie Bendixsen
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Australian video game critic and author Stephanie Claire Bendixsen was born on March 31, 1985. She is most recognised for her work as a presenter on the television shows Good Game and Good Game: Spawn Point, where she went by the gamertags "Hex" and screenPLAY.
Early Life And Career
Axel Bendixsen, an Argentinean, and Winifred Margaretha Klinkhamer, a Dutchwoman, were Bendixsen's parents. He was born in Sydney, New South Wales. She relocated to Auckland, New Zealand, with her family when she was two years old, and she stayed there until she was nine years old, at which point she returned to Australia. She was fascinated by horses as a youngster and dreamed of being an equestrian. Her parents forbade her from playing video games of any kind during her teens, so she would sneak away from home to play games with her pals. After discovering the multiplayer dungeon computer game Lensmoor when she was fifteen years old, Bendixsen developed an addiction to it.

Bendixsen tried out for a role as a television host for ABC3, a new kids channel, when the network launched a countrywide search for hosts in 2009. She learned that Good Game, an ABC2 video game review show, was also seeking a presenter as she was filming her audition tape. After Bendixsen tried out for the Me on 3 talent hunt on ABC 3, he was contacted by the network for the Good Game presenter position. She applied for and was chosen for the position, taking over for longtime presenter Jeremy Ray. Bendixsen recently started co-hosting Good Game: Spawn Point, an ABC3 spin-off series targeted at younger viewers.
Personal Life
Bendixsen got the nickname "Hex" for her gamertag from her love of spellcasters in role-playing games. A frequent feature of a spell named "Hex" is that it afflicts an adversary with a curse, which usually results in harm or immobilisation. Hex has decided to maintain the name as a nickname even though he now plays more stealth-oriented characters like a Thief or Rogue. Bendixsen began dating Peter "Pierreth" Burns, the former production coordinator of Good Game, in 2012. February 2019 saw the two become engaged, and August 17 of that same year saw their marriage.